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Iqbal Khan Lovers


Hi i am proudly happy to introduce you to this site called iqbal khan lovers? iqbal khan is an actor who made two films, which is called fun2sshh and bullet-ek damaka and also as you all may know he is in a daily soap which is called kaisa yeh pyar hai that gives in sony entertainment television asia at 8:00pm this drama is a different drama then all sony shows and in this drama he is known as Angad Khanna The Famous And The Richest  Rockstar Who Loves Music and as you all know this show (drama) is played by Mohammad Iqbal khan. This site is for only Iqbal Khan fans aka Angad Khanna and in this group we will provide you with only iqbal khans new interviews, pictures,collages,drama lyrics,music and of course his videos of kaisa yeh pyaar hai and as you know this is only for iqbal khan's (angad) fans? and also you may sign our guest book as well and tell us if you like it or not? so hurry up iqbal khan lovers what you waiting for hurry up and come and look at our site it's only for you....
thank you for your co-operation..

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